Barcelona Food Makers has been helping food entrepanuers for the past 3 years some of the success stories that have passed through our doors are Instamaki, Fotawa, City Cakes, Nikkei to name a few. We have now created a cosy café restaurant in paseo san juan where people can eat in or takeaway. We are also launching a food delivery/catering service which will be powered by the Beyond Food Project

The Beyond Food Project is a social project helping integrate refugees and the homeless into society by  offering a springboard into the world of food. By teaming up with different restaurant partners BFM will provide a 4 month working contract giving people interested in the food industry a basic training program where they will learn all aspects of the food industry.

Our goal for 2017 is to find full-time employment for 20 individuals and if the project is successful to double this figure in 2018 some of the individuals will remain employees of Barcelona Food Makers and others will go off and further develop there skills with our restaurant partners.

We are trying to raise funds and awareness through 4 channels. The first is by selling our daily delicious takeaway food made fresh everyday. The second is with our "cooking for a cause" team building event in association with Social Fooding. The third is with large one off catering events. The Final way is through Beyond Food Dinners that will feature guest chefs every week.